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New Members Page

Boy Scouts of America (BSA) -- Troop 226 --Yorktown, Virginia
New-Member Forms Download Page

For the convenience of parents and scouts joining the troop, here is a collection of the forms and documents that you will need.

You should print the forms in this group, fill them out, and turn them in to the troop. (This is a combined download that gives you all of the pages you need to print).

Combined pdf File including the following:
  • T226 Photo Release Form
  • Troop Hat and Tee-Shirt Order Form
  • Troop Hoody Order Form
  • Parent Resource Survey
  • Parent Merit Badge Survey
  • Church's Agreement Signature Page
  • BSA Annual Medical Form

Troop Information Forms: Download these for your records. Read them on-screen or print them: your choice.

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