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Eagle Candidates

 The following information is posted to assist Troop 226 Life Scouts in earning the rank of Eagle Scout.

  1. Read the following:
a. “Instructions for Carrying Out the Eagle Scout Service Project and Completing the Project Workbook” 

    2. b. "Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project Workbook" 

  2. Develop an idea for your Eagle Scout Service Project. This website has some ideas to help get you thinking.
  3. Discuss your project idea with (phone calls are fine, preferably in the following order): a. Eagle Scout Coordinator. 
b. Scoutmaster 
c. Representative of the group benefiting from the project 

  4. Fill out the "Project Description" and "Project Details" sections of the Eagle Project Workbook. This website has helpful hints.
  5. Get the Eagle Scout Coordinator to review and sign the Eagle Project Workbook "Approval Signatures for the Project Plan" as the Unit Committee Member.
  6. Get the "Approval Signatures for the Project Plan" from the representative of the group benefiting from the project and the Scoutmaster. Take to the Council office for approval.
  7. Take your approved project plan to the PLC at least 30 days prior to the anticipated start of project to get dates set and volunteers lined up
  8. Conduct the project.
  9. Complete the "Carrying out the Project" section of the Eagle Project Workbook.
  10. Review the completed workbook with Eagle Scout Coordinator.
  11. Get "Approvals for Completed Project" signatures in workbook from the Scoutmaster and the representative of group benefiting from the project.
  12. When all requirements are met, complete the Eagle_application. This application requires a number of signatures from adult leaders, so make arrangements to obtain them.
  13. Schedule a mock board of review with the Eagle Scout Coordinator. (This step is optional, but highly recommended!)
  14. Complete the mock board of review and take the application and workbook to the Council office for scheduling and conduct of your Eagle Board of Review.  The Council or District will contact you through the Scoutmaster when your Board has been scheduled.